How To Remove Age Spots

What are age spots and what causes them?

Age spots, also known as liver spots and sun spots, are skin blemishes that are brown in color.  Age spots usually develop in older people, usually at the age of forty but could also happen to younger people in their twenties. Although age spots are natural, its discolored nature affects a person general appearance so that treatments are sought.

Where do Age spots develop? They mostly  develop in the face, hands and neck. Age spots are caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun. With constant and significant exposure, the ultra violet rays will ultimately penetrate the skin and will induce the formation of the darker pigments.

Age spots though are harmless. Their development will always happen with exposure as they are natural reaction of the skin to the sun’s harmful rays. These are benign and are not a cause or a symptom for the onset of skin cancers. However, they are still a blemish that must be remedied. Age spots could never be prevented as it will always naturally occur in time.

How to remove Age Spots
Since age spots could never be treated, their early development could be prevented by less frequent exposure to the sun. If that cannot be avoided, application of creams is good. The following procedures for removing age spots are also commonly used as anti-aging treatments:

Laser Treatment
Laser treatments to remove sun spots are often done in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments. The intense heat of the laser beams will burn away the spots and restore a younger looking blemish free skin. Laser treatments though, as they involve several stages and usually require a number of visits to the physician, are generally costly. Several procedures are very necessary if optimal results are desired.

Retinoid Treatment – ” Cream ” Age Spots
Retinoid comes usually in the form of a cream that is applied topically to the affected parts.  Retinoid is prescription medication that promotes healthy skin and fades away the spots.  Retinoid also contains anti oxidants that are good for preserving skin cells and tissues. However, Retinoid dries the skin for the duration of the treatment.

Chemical Peels
The acidic agents in the chemical peel have proven to be effective method at removing sun spots; the method takes a while longer as the peels will happen little by little until the desired skin tone is achieved.

Cream for Age Spots

Age spots cream usually works in bleaching the sun spots out. The result is a slow and gradual fading of the discolored portion of the skin revealing the skin underneath. Active ingredients that are commonly included that fade the sun spots out are the hydroquinone. Vitamins A and C are also active ingredients to promote rejuvenation and healthier skin.

Sun Block
Probably the most popular method of preventing the onset of age spots is by using the old reliable sun block creams and lotions. While sun block will not fade the age spots, its formulation prevents the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from penetrating the skin. Sun block users also develop less sun spots in later years. It is also a good anti-aging treatment when it comes to preserving the skin’s more youthful glow.  Sun blocks have also demonstrated to reduce the development of skin cancers.

Advice : Before applying the treatments mentioned you might want to consult with a Dermatologist – just too make sure that your age spots are really benign.  Except for sun block and some chemical peels,  application of some of these treatments could result in unwanted side effects.

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