Wrinkle Removers – Over The Counter

Over the counter wrinkle removers – what to choose ?

There are different ways of dealing with wrinkles. You can choose to undergo a procedure or apply something to the affected area. Over the counter wrinkle removers are very much in demand because they are affordable. To give you an idea, here are the things you can get the next time you head on over to the drug store.

First are alpha hydroxy acids ( AHA) . These products are water soluble. Examples are glycolic acid cream or lactic acid lotions that help to  improve  hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and helps with photo damage, thickening of the dermal collagen and increase cellular turnover.

Next there is beta hydroxy acid or BHA – for example  salicylic acid.  These are lipid soluble. Most of the products in the market are exfoliants, anti-inflammatory and comedolytic. These are sold by some of the most popular names in the business and often recommended by dermatologists.

Combination hydroxy acids or CHA have both the ingredients of AHA and BHA.  Careful : Don’t think that buying the first two products and then mixing it together will have the same effect- because it won’t- as each has its own pH level. There are also products that have enzymes. The nice thing about it is that these are mostly not irritating and only digests the dead skin layer. They also stimulates cell turnover and allows other products to penetrate the skin.  Some of these well known enzymes  hare fruits enzyme derived from papaya and pineapple , but here are also newer enzyme like Coenzyme Q10.

Then there are the  topical vitamin products. These are available in vitamin A, C and E and purchased in the form of creams and lotions.  Vitamin A for instance reduces and eliminates wrinkles by breaking down the free radicals in the body. Vitamins C and E on the other hand are antioxidants doing the same things.  A word of caution : Do not leave the bottles open – as most of these vitamins are light sensitive and might reaction to oxidation – and that means they  could lose their effectiveness over time.

Last but not least, there are the Peptide Complexes, which are the newest forms of wrinkle “relaxers” (we cover the Peptides, please see our posts about NANO Cream and DEW Drops).

To find the best over the counter wrinkle remover takes time. This is because you have to compare how one does over the other. To help you out, you can try visiting various websites that have gathered all the information you need such as the price, its effectiveness, quality and wrinkle cream ratings. With this information, you will be able to find the right one for you to use.

Some people who are skeptic about this online information say that one brand is said to be better than the other because he or she was paid to make it look that way. In the end, you have to try it out to see who is telling the truth. If you are able to find something that works, why change it? You should just stick with what you have until something better and more affordable comes along.

Tip : None of the over the counter wrinkle removers will perform a miracle overnight. You will have to use it consistently for days or even weeks before you see any results . Again, these wrinkles occurred over time. Whatever you use, make sure that you only use the kind that is of good quality with the right combination of vitamins and nutrients.

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