Antioxidants & Anti Age

Natural Skin Concepts – Aging and Breakdown :  what is the the function of  antioxidants  ?

It has long been accepted that eating food with lots of anti oxidants  slows down aging. This has been practiced even before the term anti-oxidants were used. Ancient Chinese (and even the Chinese of today) prescribes special food that will enhance an attribute, cure an ailment and improve metabolism or increase vitality and vigor. In India, certain herbs are mixed with their foods that are similar to the results that Chinese sought.

Oxidation, while crucial for maintaining life, can be damaging to cells.  A body that lacks anti-oxidants results to oxidative stress, which damages and kills cells.  Aside from anti oxidants being effective as anti-aging agents are their capacity to prevent a host of illnesses from occurring. Some types of anti-oxidants have demonstrated capacity to prevent the development of certain cancer cells, diabetes, heart ailments and other maladies.

Many animals and even plants maintain a high level and complex anti-oxidant systems in multiple types.  Many of these types come from plants in the form of sterols and enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, catalase and other peroxides. The most common and readily available antioxidant though is the Vitamin C and the Vitamin E.  While almost all plants have sterols that are good for the metabolism in the body, foods that are generally known to contain high concentrations of antioxidants are usually those that are present in plants  and other fruits containing amino acids, omega 3,6, and 9, and other useful fatty acids. The category also includes those that contain high concentrations of resveratrol and glutathione.  This is one of the reasons that foods that are high in anti-oxidant properties are highly sought after. Others are even in such a demand to command high prices.

How will then anti oxidants works for me? As an example – the presence of antioxidants in diets will help protect body and skin  cells from free radicals and toxins.  In a way that its molecules slow down and/or  in some conditions, prevent the oxidation of other molecules. Anti-aging treatments that contain anti oxidants often come in the form of capsules, tablets,  skin creams or skin  serums and other forms of dietary supplements. Examples of foods that have a vast concentration of antioxidant properties are coffee, grapes and berries. In fact, the grapes in red wine have been known to have impressive anti-oxidizing properties (reserveratrol) .  They  are usually attributed to the cause of the French being more fit in spite of the cholesterol rich food that they consume although the skin of the grape is the part that is truly rich in anti oxidants. Coffee has a vast concentration too although what is mixed with the coffee is what causes the worry. The acai berry of Brazil is also widely advertised to have a vast concentration of anti oxidant properties, pity that it is not consumed fresh in the rest of the world except Brazil. In conclusion: Antioxidants, in addition to their ability to repair and preserve cells,  may also  an excellent anti aging agent as they  equally importantly prevent the breakdown (degradation) of cells.