The Best Skin Moisturizer

What is a skin moisturizer anyway?

Why are we continuously  look for the best skin moisturizer? It seems they never find the perfect one that can match the need of their skin. How does a moisturizer affect the skin that makes people continue searching the best moisturizer?

For anyone who hasn’t found the right moisturizer for their skin type, these are probably questions they continue to seek real answers for. Here are some information you might be interested learning in order to understand why you need moisturizer as one of your anti-aging treatment products to keep your skin looking and feeling supple, young, and radiant as always.

The skin is prone to damaging elements.  Drying or irritation occurs because of  the many damaging factors you can get outside, such as sun light, weather changes, wind, friction, toxins, and many other elements. These elements not only damage the skin outer layer but make it dry, cracked, and develop fine lines. The inner layer of the skin needs proper hydration in order that the outer layer maintains suppleness it needs to look young and refreshed. A good moisturizer will help protect the skin from the damaging elements while it lubricates the outer part to develop premature aging signs.

Your skin has natural lubricants, in the form of sebum and water. Sebum is the fat being produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, which are found in your pores or hair follicles. Tiny, light hairs are found in these follicles where behind each hair is found sebaceous gland. A good moisturizer that you should be looking must be similar to sebum’s molecular level. With this idea, it should be easy for you to spot a good moisturizer among the bad ones.

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