Skin Care Product : Natural Or Not – What Is The Right Skin Care ?

Many people are under the misconception that skin care products made from natural or organic sources cannot harm their skin. The truth is, that there is such as thing as unsuitable natural skin care products, just as there are synthetic products that are not healthy. Both kinds can harm you in basically the same way.

Your choice of products to care for your skin should be based on the skin type of the person who will use that product. Do you have dry skin, oily, normal, or sensitive skin?  Also, climactic conditions need to be taken into account. For example, hot and humid conditions would warrant using oil free products. Finally, you need to consider the process of applying the skin care product. It will not do you any good to get a high quality product, natural or synthetic, if you do not apply it properly.

The above factors need to be addressed – whether or not the product you use is synthetic or natural. An important fact to keep in mind :  there may not be a natural skin care product available for the treatment of a particular skin disorder. In fact, it is quite difficult to find natural products that do not have synthetic preservatives. The ones that do have a percentage of synthetic preservatives have a better shelf life and thus are more acceptable to manufacturers of natural products.

What about making your own one hundred percent natural skin care products?
The ones you find on the market will be more expensive and will have a relatively short shelf life compared to the natural products that use synthetic preservatives.
The type of products you make yourself may or may not deliver the results you want, depending on your experience in making them.  Homemade cosmetics use  essential herbs, oils, organic fruits and vegetables that have moisturizing and antiseptic properties, but it is very important for you to be educated about these natural substances before using them.

Good advice : Just because you use non synthetic products does not mean that you can be lax on the other necessary elements of daily maintenance. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise, drinking eight glasses of water a day, and cleansing, along with using your skin care products properly, is a complete daily routine that will ensure you have beautiful skin for a long time.

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