Acne : What is the cause?

Acne – What is it and what causes it?

Often the worst thing about puberty is the acne that comes with it. Some teenagers have it so bad that they would like to hide. It’s not unusual for adults to also have problems with acne.  Let’s look at what acne is.

Please define Acne. Acne is a problem that is confined to the skin. It messes up the skin and results the skin to break out into yellowish or blackish bumps.  Acne suffers are bothered by one of two different types of acne.

Acne has two variations.  Whiteheads are caused from oil and bacteria getting trapped in your cells. This variation also includes blackheads. They become black when the pore opens, causing the trapped sebum to turn black. Blackheads can exist for an extended period of time because they cause the sebum to drain poorly.

The other kind of acne is called inflammatory acne. Inflammatory acne happens by the whiteheads getting irritated and or infected. When this happens, pimples form, sometimes filled with pus. Other more threatening issues can arise, and the development of cysts is one of them. This form of acne is much harder to treat and often takes a doctor’s watchful care.

The knowledge of where acne occurs can help you understand what causes it. Acne occurs in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Increased bacteria is created during puberty due to the sebaceous glands becoming more active. . However, uncontrolled bacteria production allows acne to develop. Simply put, clogged pores are the primary reason for acne outbreaks.

Fortunately, current medical advances has resulted in many products for acne and teenagers no longer have to go through the same embarrassing phase.  So if you are a sufferer of acne check and see what treatment will work for you.