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Natural Skin Moisturizer – Dew Drops

This innovative concepts combines a Bio-Lift Peptide Complex with PGA (Gamma-Polyglutamic Acid), Vitamins, and Resveratrol. It is suited as a natural anti aging treatment, also assists in  brightening skin tones and it is the perfect natural moisturizer for all skin types. Suitable also for oily skin.

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The Best Anti Aging Skin Products – Nano Cream

This skin cream  is  a good example of what we consider  a to be a  good  ” High Tech ” addition to a natural skin care regimen.   This lightweight cream works with a new type of delivery system. It  safely and effectively restores youthful appearance, skin texture and  prevents premature aging – the perfect solution in the line of advanced  anti-aging products.

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Skin Perfect Natural Cleanser No. 1 – Natural Skin Concepts

A  cleanser with natural  hydroxy acids (see ingredient list) and soothing oils.  Cleanses skin thoroughly but leaves skin barrier intact.

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Oily Skin Care

Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin – you might be frustrated that most  common products on the market just don’t do it.   Oily skin care requires cleansing to prevent clogged and clogging of  pores.  Most advertised brands are usually chemical based and extremely irritating. They can cause often  skin to flake.

So,   don’t wash in tap water if possible as water with a high concentration of minerals is the best choice. Try a natural based  oily skincare product – which is not petroleum based – these products  generally contain herbal oils that are easy for the skin to absorb and result in natural moisturizing. Oily skin care can also include a foaming type of wash.

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